Language Locations Found in the SAILS Catalog

You can choose to search by Language Code (see below), as follows: As a keyword search, type in: Language Code {LANG}, Click OK
ex: fre {LANG}
This will give you all items with the original language of French, as well as translations. In order to eliminate a number of irrelevant material, under "format" select "books".

You may search these locations:

Foreign Language
French Fiction (French Fic)
French Nonfiction (French Nonfic)
Portuguese Fiction (Port Fic)
Portuguese Nonfiction (Port Nonfic)
Portuguese Fiction JUV (Port Fic JUV)
Portuguese Nonfiction JUV (Port Nonfic JUV)
Portuguese Picture Books
Portuguese Paperback
Portuguese Comics
Portuguese Video
Spanish Fiction (Spanish Fic)
Spanish Nonfiction (Spanish Nonfic)
Spanish Fiction JUV (Spanish Fic JUV)
Spanish Nonfiction JUV (Spanish Nonfic JUV)
Spanish Paperback
Spanish Video

Common Language Codes

chi - Chinese
eng - English
fre - French
ger - German
gre - Greek
ita - Italian
jpn - Japanese
spa - Spanish

The complete list is available at: The MARC Code List for Languages