Streaming Video!

Borrow videos today, the same as you would any other format, and watch the video in your browser.
From Overdrive: "To stream videos on a computer, you’ll need an up-to-date web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer) with Flash installed. Mobile devices with browsers that support HTML5 will also be able to stream videos in those browsers. Please note that streaming video can consume a lot of data, so if you’re on a mobile plan with a data cap, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection when streaming on your mobile device to avoid data overages."
We currently have children's titles such as "The Saddle Club", "Fishtales", "Kiara the Brave", "The New adventures of Madeline". It's a small collection of about fifty titles but we'll continue to grow it over time.

The 2015 Mass Libraries Legislative Agenda

If you haven't had a chance to see the agenda, you can find it here, as well as the funding history to MA libraries. Very interesting. Massachusetts libraries are working to level the playing field when it comes to eBooks and technology. By clicking here and completing the form, your first name and town will appear on our “Map of Support.” Join the conversation. #ebooksforeveryone

Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive

Our Marathon is an online memorial and archive of crowd-sourced stories, photos, video, and social media related to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and its aftermath. They have collected more than 3,500 digital artifacts in the past six months but hope to collect many more. No story is too small for Our Marathon. They are currently working to reach communities across the Boston area to give people the opportunity to share their stories.

OverDrive’s Next Generation digital library website release notes

Below is a summary of updates for OverDrive’s Next Generation digital library website that are scheduled for release on Monday, October 7, 2013.

  •  You will be able to renew a borrowed title if no one else is on hold for that title. The renew option will become available on your Bookshelf three days before the title is scheduled to expire. You may only renew a title one time.  cid:image001.png@01CEB3B7.117B3F80
  • A high-contrast option for visually impaired users will be available.
  • Minor bug fixes (details unknown)

Training Videos – Using Enterprise

Learn how to use the new Enterprise e-catalog by watching videos that show how to log in, use your account, and place a hold. You can also learn a few searching tips and tricks! Become an expert in no time.