Enterprise Online Catalog is avialable through the Internet to allow you to search for authors, titles, subjects, and keywords to locate items in the Keeley Library and other libraries in the SAILS library network. Keyword searching allows you to search for any word or combination of words; this is especially useful if you don't remember the exact title or know the exact subject heading you are looking for. A library staff member will be glad to assist you if you need help.

In addition to the materials owned by the Keeley Library, you can borrow materials owned by other libraries in the SAILS network (except, of course, for Reference and special materials). The network is comprised of public libraries, college libraries, and school libraries. Because the Keeley Library is a full participating memeber in SAILS, you can place a "Hold" on items in any of the other libraries. Placing a "Hold" on an item means that it will be delivered to you at the Keeley Library in 3-4 days. This delivery service is provided once a day by the Eastern Massachusetts Regional Library System.

Other SAILS libraries which have Web pages include Bristol Community College, the Dartmouth Public Libraries, the Millicent Library in Fairhaven, the Fall River Public Library, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and the Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library in Rochester.

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