B.M.C. Durfee High School - Portraits - Class of 1898

The Keeley Library has a small collection of 36 portraits from the Class of 1898. These portraits were donated in memory of Henry Fitzler, Class of 1898, to whom they originally belonged.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see the full-size image. Note: some of the images have different borders and have slightly different sizes. Also, the names are given as signed on the back of each photo.

  1. Howard P. Adams Howard P. Adams
  2. Mary Alcock Mary Alcock
  3. Ida S. Allen Ida S. Allen
  4. James McGregor Barlow James McGregor Barlow
  5. Mary E. Blossom Mary E. Blossom
  6. Lula R. Borden Lula R. Borden
  7. Isaac N. Brown Isaac N. Brown
  8. M. Richard Brown M. Richard Brown
  9. Sarah E. Bruckshaw Sarah E. Bruckshaw
  10. Chas. E. Chace Chas. E. Chace
  11. Wm. Palmer Chace Wm. Palmer Chace
  12. Margaret E. Ferguson Margaret E. Ferguson
  13. Charles E. Gale Charles E. Gale
  14. Nellie F. Harrington Nellie F. Harrington
  15. John W. Hurst John W. Hurst
  16. Wilfrid E. Janson Wilfrid E. Janson
  17. Jas. J. Little Jas. J. Little
  18. Elihu Root Lyman Elihu Root Lyman
  1. Frank Manning Frank Manning
  2. Charles Mowry Charles Mowry
  3. Fred W. Read Fred W. Read
  4. Tillie M. Reed Tillie M. Reed
  5. Edith F. Robertson Edith F. Robertson
  6. Kittie A. Shaughnessy Kittie A. Shaughnessy
  7. Mary A. Slade Mary A. Slade
  8. Addie F. Snyder Addie F. Snyder
  9. Katharine Sullivan Katharine Sullivan
  10. Rose L. Vallee Rose L. Vallee
  11. W. J. Wixon W. J. Wixon
  12. Edith Wordell Edith Wordell
  13. Unknown female student Unknown female student
  14. Unknown male student Unknown male student
  15. Unknown male student Unknown male student
  16. Unknown male student Unknown male student
  17. Unknown male student Unknown male student
  18. Unknown male student Unknown male student

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