B.M.C. Durfee High School - Portraits - Class of 1909

The 27 portraits below are from the Class of 1909.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see the full-size image. The names are given as found on the slipcase of each photo.

  1. Marion L. Brown Marion L. Brown
  2. Myron R. Chace Myron R. Chace
  3. Margaret A. Clarke Margaret A. Clarke
  4. Hannah G. Connors Hannah G. Connors
  5. Gladys E. Diandin Gladys E. Diandin
  6. Delia Eddy Delia Eddy
  7. Wilhelmina L. Fitzler Wilhelmina L. Fitzler
  8. Ida Gravorsky Ida Gravorsky
  9. Evelyn H. Grinnell Evelyn H. Grinnell
  10. Agnes R. Harrington Agnes R. Harrington
  11. Gertrude Hathaway Gertrude Hathaway
  12. Susan Hays Susan Hays
  13. Isabelle Jones Isabelle Jones
  14. Evelyn V. Lenehan Evelyn V. Lenehan
  1. V. Almy Leuru V. Almy Leuru
  2. Carrie D. McCreery Carrie D. McCreery
  3. Isabel M. McCreery Isabel M. McCreery
  4. Teresa B. O'Connell Teresa B. O'Connell
  5. Ernestine C. Perry Ernestine C. Perry
  6. Helen Shay Helen Shay
  7. Edith D. Sherman Edith D. Sherman
  8. F. Allen Simmons F. Allen Simmons
  9. Mary A. Walsh Mary A. Walsh
  10. Norman H. Whitehead Norman H. Whitehead
  11. Alice E. Whittier Alice E. Whittier
  12. Rebecca Yamin Rebecca Yamin
  13. Unknown female student Unknown female student

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