Keeley Library Course Resources - Research Rubric

This rubric was prepared as a general library rubric for research skills. It can be adapted for any subject or grade level.

Advanced Topic is clear, complete, and requires critical thinking or probing skills. Related questions focus topic accurately. Student gathered information from a variety of quality electronic and print sources. Search strategies are revised as information is located or could not be found. Primary sources were included (if appropriate). Took meaningful notes. Information selected clearly relates to the search topic. It includes several supporting details and/or examples. Student compared information from at least 2 sources for accuracy, validity, and inherent bias. Student organized information to support the topic and presents it in a well-developed project Student documented all sources, including visuals, sounds, and animations. Sources are properly cited in the desired format. Documentation is error? free.
Proficient Topic is focused and clear. Student knows some related concepts for his topic. Most related questions focus topic. Student gathered information from a variety of appropriate sources and took notes as needed. Project discusses the topic in a way that reflects learning using some detail and accuracy. Student identifies key concepts from the information sources gathered by scanning and skimming. Student organized information appropriately. Student documented sources with some care, Sources are cited in the desired format. All of the components are present but a few errors are noted.
Needs Improvement Basic topic is vague. Related questions do not help focus topic. Student knows general subject matter to be searched. Student gathered information from a limited range of sources and displayed minimal effort in selecting quality resources. Information, though interesting, frequently did not relate to topic. Product displays only a cursory examination of the source information. Student can summarize information sources but misses some important details. Information is not well-organized, but somewhat scattered Student needs to use greater care in documenting sources. Desired format was followed but several errors are apparent and required information is absent.
Failing Student developed no research topic. Student relies an teacher- generated topic. Student gathered information Imking relevance, quality, depth and balance. Needed help finding and using adequate sources of information. Product lacks important details and accuracy. Student simply restates information rather than synthesizing. Information is completely haphazard with no organization evident. Student does not cite sources properly or lacks citation information.

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