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e-catalog Added Content adds to your library's bibliographic records with information supplied by content providers, whose business it is to gather and create quality information of interest to you.

On the "dig deeper" tab, you can see the bibliographic information for the item you are interested in, plus additional information related to the item, including:

Also included in our subscription to LibraryThing for Libraries:
Reviews—Read reviews submitted by LibraryThing members by clicking on the “Read Reviews” link. You can also create a review account to
add your own.
Tags—Click on a top tag (popular keywords used to describe a title) to bring up the “tag browser.” From there, you can search for other tags or
link to other items in our catalog with the same tag.
Series—Open a Series Browser window to display all of the titles of a series in numerical order by clicking on a series title. Highlighted titles,
those owned within the SAILS Network, will link you to the title record in our catalog.
Similar Books—See similar titles that might interest you. Title selection is based on ratings and tags by LibraryThing members, as well as library
subject headings and call numbers.
Awards—View awards won by a title, as well as other titles awarded the same honor. Many awards lists are included, ranging from ALA’s best
book awards, state book awards, literary and popular magazine awards, etc.
Lexile measures—reading program, similar to accelerated reader

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