Log in to e-catalog

  1. Enter your user ID and PIN in the login box on the Search page.
  2. Click OK.

What if I don't have a library card?

To get a library card, from a SAILS library, you need to go to the library and they will happily issue you a card. Here is a complete list of the SAILS member libraries.


An ALT ID is a shortcut for logging into the system. Once your library has set up your ALT ID, you will no longer need to type in your entire barcode number. Type in your ALT ID and your PIN number for easy access to your account and special features only available to library patrons.

If you are accessing iBistro in the library, you may be prompted to log in to iBistro when you attempt to change information in My Account. This login is only valid for the duration of the current transaction.

Log out of e-catalog

This feature is not available when accessing e-catalog at the library.

  1. Select the Logout or Exit navigation button.
  2. Don't forget to logout each time you leave e-catalog.

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