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Library Elf makes it easy to keep track of what's due, overdue or ready for pickup from one or more library accounts. It is great for families with multiple library cards or individuals who have cards from different library systems because you can consolidate multiple cards into one Library Elf account. Through the SAILS subscription, patrons of our member libraries have access to all premium features.

What's delivered?

  • Email and/or RSS alerts before items are due
  • Email and/or RSS alerts on overdues and holds
  • Consolidated list of yours or your family's library loans and holds - combine multiple library cards!
  • Cellphone text message alerts for holds * Your carrier's usual text messaging fees apply.
  • Real-time checking by browser
Text message alerts are sent when holds first become ready for pickup (and when the hold are about to expire). Alerts are also sent on the due date only.

Who uses Elf?

  • Anyone who wants to reduce overdues
  • Families with children and lots of books
  • Individuals with several library cards
  • Anyone who requests a lot of holds

Other cool features

  • See your items out in any iCal based calendar such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Apple iCal. - open with Outlook, or copy the link and add a calendar for Google. 
  • Go to My Account to set up other options; how often to alert, how to alert, who to alert

Important Privacy Notice
Library ELF is a private service not affiliated with the SAILS Library Network (SAILS). You use Library ELF at your own option and risk. Users of Library ELF are required to submit personal information, including library card barcodes and PINs, to a database unaffiliated with and located outside of the Library Network. Please read Library ELF's privacy policy and FAQ before deciding to sign up for the service.

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