#5 How much time should I spend?

Managing your message board comes down to managing how much time you have to spend. However, here’s a list of suggestions to act a guide to your library of growing slides.

Slides to lavish time on:

Holiday Closings, Welcome/Hours, Friends of the Library 

These slides can be made ahead and yes, spend as much time as you can allow to make them attractive. You and your patrons will be seeing them for several years and once completed can be filed away in a Holidays folder. All you will need to do is dust them off, insert the current dates and burn a new MP4.

Slides to create a seasonal template:

On-Going Policies, Museum Passes

Create 1 template and retype monthly:

Monthly Public Activities, Meetings, Book groups

The time spent on these will be to create the first template, then retype information accordingly.

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