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Library Account Help

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  • My login doesn't work!
    • Your User ID is your library card’s barcode.
    • If you are unsure of your password, please contact your library. Often it’s the last 4 digits of your phone number.
    • If you are using a k-12 barcode your password may be 9999
    • Please enter your barcode without any spaces or letters (which may be present on your library card).
    • Forgot your password? Get it here.
  • I lost my card - Contact your library and they will be happy to update your account with a new card. See our list of libraries for their contact information.
  • My card expired - Contact your library or fill out our Account Update form to enter your current information.
  • I need a library card - Don't have a library card?

    Register now for an ecard!

  • Online registrations become active immediately.
  • You can place up to 5 holds
  • Get into the online magazines & newspapers
  • Checkout and download Overdrive books & music

Email/Library Notice Issues

  • How come I haven’t received any email notices?
    The problem could be they are seen as SPAM. There are a number of things you can do to prevent this and get your email notices.
    >> Please view the instructions on changing/updating your email settings, based on your email provider.
  • What kind of notices can I receive from the Network?
    • Reminders for items which will soon be due.
    • Notices that holds are ready for pick-up.
    • Emails for items that are overdue.

Create a Staff Account

This is just for library staff. If you want to log into your library account, you can do that on any page by selecting your library from the dropdown list at the top of all pages. If you need help, please visit our account help page.

Overdrive Help

Update on the OverDrive & Libby apps

Attention, OverDrive app users! OverDrive is discontinuing the legacy OverDrive app in early 2023 and transitioning users to the Libby app. Libby is OverDrive’s newer app for browsing and enjoying digital content from our library.

Download the Libby App here: https://www.overdrive.com/apps/libby/

It’s time to give Libby a try! All your loans, holds, and wish list items will be waiting for you in Libby when you add your library card.

Libby also comes with new features we know you’ll love, like:

  • Tags to categorize books however you’d like—you can even sync your OverDrive wish list into a tag!
  • A central bookshelf for all loans and holds
  • Customizable notifications for ready holds, new magazine issues, and more
  • Compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sonos speakers
  • Easy access to OverDrive support staff

Learn more here.

Note: Our digital collection will continue to be available at https://sails.overdrive.com on desktop and mobile devices. You can also access Libby via a browser at https://libbyapp.com/library/sails.

For instructions on how to download or stream your digital loan, including how to send to a Kindle reader, visit Libby App Help.

The recommend to library feature in the OverDrive app is not available yet in Libby. It is something they are working towards. However, you can still recommend titles to the library in the OverDrive website via a browser.

Your reading history will not transfer from your OverDrive app account to Libby. If you are concerned about losing your reading history please visit OverDrive Reading History and decide which option is best for your needs.


This is just for library staff. If you want to log into your library account, you can do that on any page by selecting your library from the dropdown list at the top of all pages. If you need help, please visit our account help page.

New and Improved eCard Registration Service

July 10th, we'll turn on the new eCard registration form. This is being LSTA funded through the MBLC for eight of the MA networks; CLAMS, CW/MARS, MVLC, MBLN, MLN, NOBLE, OCLN, and SAILS.  We've been allowing patrons to register for online cards for several years now, however we never had control over who was registering. Now we do, with the Quipu service. We've contracted with them to provide a basic user lookup, based on street address and last name. They will also check our system for duplicate cards. Much of the patron record will be updated automatically, and if the patron wants to come into the library to get a permanent card, other than their profile, the card will be properly filled out. Here are the basic rules for how this will work. Thank you to the circulation policy committee for helping fine-tune the process.

Who should be eligible to sign up for an eCard through SAILS?

  1. Massachusetts residents only:
    1. This is a change from the current online card signup form, which allows anyone to register for a card.
    2. Out-of-state residents who work and go to school in a SAILS community also will be ineligible. SAILS libraries have different policies on how to handle these patrons.
  2. Age requirements:
    1. Must be 13 or older to register
    2. Teens between the ages of 13-15 must supply a parent email address. A notification saying the new card was created, will be sent to this address.
    3. Ages 16 and up will get a standard eCard registration with no parental notification. 

What Profile Will Patrons Get? How will we manage physical lending for these accounts?

  1. For verified online registrants in a SAILS community:
    1. SAILSOU (SAILS Online User) profile
    2. Allow five holds and checkouts  (checkouts only circ for one day)
    3. One year expiration
  2. For verified online registrants outside of SAILS, but in MA:
    1. MASSOU (MASS Online User) profile
    2. Allow five holds and checkouts  (checkouts only circ for one day)
    3. One year expiration
    4. Different profile gives the library flexibility for preventing access to some online resources if desired.
  3. For provisional cards where the address is not verified:
    1.  OUREG (Online User Registration) profile
    2. Allow five holds and checkouts  (checkouts only circ for one day)
    3. Three week expiration
  4. The barcode prefix will match the library’s current prefix, but will start with a ‘5’ instead of a ‘2.’
    1. This will also make it easy for libraries to determine if they want to authorize an online card for local online content or not.
  5. When patrons visit the library, they will need to follow a similar process to what is done today to upgrade their card to a three-year card that borrows materials.

Which library will be assigned to each online patron?

  1. SAILS will continue to allow patrons to select a library. 

What data will be populated in the record for an online user?

  1. All name data we currently collect, with the option of adding a preferred name and checking a box to use that preferred name in all communications.
  2. The address that will be used for verification purposes will need to be entered as Address 1 and it must be in Massachusetts. 
  3. Email address (required), phone number, cell phone number (separate from phone number and used if the patron wants SMS notifications.)
  4. Date of birth - this will also be used for determining the user category 1.
  5. User category 2 will be based on the entered town/city of the address.
  6. NOHISTORY or ALLCHARGES - do you want to keep a history of the items you check out?
  7. Preferred notification method  - depending on this selection, they will be required to enter a cell phone or regular phone.

What data will not be populated in the record for an online user?

  1. Preferred language - only a few libraries have requested that this info be maintained.
  2. User groups
  3. Address 2
  4. Parent information in a ℅ field - only five libraries responding to the survey responded that they collect this information.
  5. Newsletter opt-in - varying policies among libraries. Even those who request this info from patrons don’t store it in Workflows.

Duplicate checking

Duplicate checking will be done by rejecting an account where there is an existing record matching the last name and date of birth. There are some edge cases where registrations will fail (e.g. twins), but, in Quipu’s experience, adding a first name to duplicate checking results in too many duplicate records being created.

Retaining patron information in eCard system?

Quipu stores 30 days of accepted and rejected registrations. This could be useful for troubleshooting.


Based on survey results. Brazilian Portuguese ranked high, but, after discussing the results with the Board, we agreed that it is close enough to European Portuguese to support just one Portuguese form. This makes room for both Russian and Hindi, which received an equal number of votes.

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Haitian Creole
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Hindi

Using the SAILS Library Network

General circulation policies

  • Any library can set its own loan policies and fine rates for materials loaned from their library.
  • Libraries may choose when to set items to Lost and how they want to bill the patron, however, libraries must comply with network policies regarding payment for lost books belonging to another library. Libraries are required to honor blocked or barred status on all patrons.
  • Patrons may pay for any fines for overdue items at any member library. The library collecting the fine may keep the fine.
  • Lost items payments may be made at the library where the item was borrowed, though the item's owning library records the payment when it is received.
  • Patrons who want to clear their record immediately may use the Credit Card payment option in Enterprise. This will clear the patron’s record immediately

Your library card

  • Public library patrons may register for a card at any SAILS public library.
  • Public library cards may be renewed at any public library.
  • Barcodes and/or cards may be replaced at any public library.

Policy – Out of State Borrowers

  • Libraries may choose whether or not to issue library cards to out-of-state borrowers.
  • Cards are only good for 12 months
  • The network shall establish a minimum annual fee for a card for out-of-state borrowers. The minimum fee is charged per family.
  • Any borrower that purchases an out of state card at the network minimum shall have access to all the network resources.
  • Cards purchased below the network minimum are only valid at the library that issues the card.
  • Libraries may choose to issue in-state cards to out-of-state residents who work in the Massachusetts or attend school in Massachusetts.

Registering for a library card
Policy for physical cards are set by individual libraries.

Register online for an e-Card.

  • Online registrations become active immediately.
  • You can place up to 5 holds
  • Get into the online magazines & newspapers
  • Checkout and download Overdrive books & music

Further resources:

Novel Novelist Ideas

  1. Start on Novelist.
  2. Create a personal Novelist account for you or a generic one for your library.
  3. Search for the titles you want and add them to a list.
pinterest2Create a Pinterest Board & add a widget to your website, linking to Novelist. Yes, this is a bit cumbersome so if someone finds a simpler way, comment below!
  1. Email yourself your Novelist list
  2. Install the pinterest browser button.
  3. Create a board for your topic.
  4. From the email, right click on a book jacket and click on the pinterest icon to save the image to a board.
  5. Say yes when prompted to view PIN
  6. When you view the PIN, you'll see the option to edit it.
  7. Go back to the email, right click on the title and select to copy link address.
  8. Go back to edit the PIN and change the website to the one you just copied from the email.
  9. View your board in pinterest
  10. Click on the ellipsis (...) above the board title and choose to make a widget.
  11. You'll be brought to a page where your widget is available to put on your website.
Create a Booksite ePage to post on your website
  1. Go back to your list in Novelist.
  2. View the source of the web page - right click and select to view source.
  3. Search the page for the term, isbn. This will highlight all the places on the page that have the isbn for the selected titles.
  4. Copy and paste these isbns into a new ePage in booksite and you'll have duplicate lists for people to view the titles first starting in our catalog or starting in Novelist.
  5. Once the page is created, you can go to the ePage settings and generate the code for the "full list content display - (no skin)".
  6. Take the code and copy and paste it into your website. You will need to edit the html. See here for an example of an ePage on this website.
Post list to FaceBook Be sure to include a nice cover jacket to go with your list. Overdrive Add titles to Overdrive curated list and share the list using a direct link: https://sails.lib.overdrive.com/10/50/en/CuratedCollection3.htm

Commonwealth Catalog

Comcat CatStaff Login: 

URL:  https://commonwealthcatalog.org
Choose your library from the list to login
All libraries log in to the system using the username: ill staff (with space)
*If you need your password, please contact SAILS (support@sailsinc.org)

Staff Requesting on Behalf of a Patron

  1. Log in as staff
  2. Go to item record and click Request. Staff will be prompted to search for the desired patron.
  3. Note: A patron must have logged to ComCat in at least once in order for them to appear in the patron selection list.
    • Select a patron.
    • The request form will appear with the patron’s information
    • Click Submit to send the request.
  4. When Staff request on behalf of a patron:
    • The request is automatically approved and sent out, even if the patron’s account is set to require staff approval
    • Staff can override the “Duplicate Request” message – submit more than one request for the same item
    • Staff can override if the item is available in their local system