Brew Night at the Library

The Norfolk Public Library held its first ever Brew Night at the Library on Friday, September 27, 2019.  It was a huge success with three local breweries participating. We limited it to 100 people, and registration was full in a day and a half - with over 30 people on the wait-list!  We chose this event for a couple reasons: 1) there was a need in the community as there isn't much in Norfolk in terms of evening socializing. 2) we wanted a program that would appeal to the 21-40's age range and people that haven't necessarily been using the library. 3) Once we had them in the library, we advertised our programs and Stuffbrary collection (we even had the Air Fryer going with apps!).  Although this program was a huge hit in the community, it had some unanticipated challenges during the planning process which I will also discuss in this presentation.

Libby O'Neill, Norfolk Public Library

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