Cookbook Club

We have a cookbook club called Read It and Eat It that has been successful for the last 5 years, and this year we started a Read It and Eat It Jr. program for grades 3-6. At the end of the year we do a large Throwdown Edition event. This presentation will be about how the programs are structured.

Courtney Allen, Norfolk Public Library

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Wash and Read

New Bedford Free Public Library’s “Wash and Read” program is about making story time programs accessible in the community and providing free books inside laundromats.

Bethany Coito, New Bedford Free Public Library

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Welcome to Your Town 101

We will be hosting our 1st annual Welcome to Mansfield 101 open house on October 23.  The library sent out postcards to new residents inviting them to the library to receive a library card and a tour of the library.  Other town departments and local community groups were invited to have a table to share information. Local businesses were contacted to provide materials for "goodie" bags from the local bank and for raffle prizes.  There will be light refreshments served.  

Catherine Coyne, Mansfield Public Library

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STEM Kits: Facilitating Hands-on Learning

The Raynham Public Library created over 30 STEM kits with funds from an LSTA grant.  Each kit allows users the chance to explore science, math, technology, or engineering in a hands-on, fun way.  The purpose of the kits is to give kids an opportunity to learn by doing and playing, and to foster interest in STEM.  Learn how we created the kits and promoted them by partnering with our elementary school and parks and recreation department, and how we use STEM as a way of engaging upper elementary aged kids.

Jessie McKinney, Raynham Library

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