Director’s Station

Browser: IE 8, 9, or 10 need the pop-up blocker off, IE 11 also works but needs compatibility view turned on as well, or Firefox 3.6 (newer versions will not work)

If you have trouble logging in, the security settings on your browser may be blocking you. Add the web address for Director's Station to your Trusted Sites List.


Contact SAILS if you need your username and password.

Export to Excel: There is a nameless icon in the upper right of the screen that looks like the menu icon. This will give an export option when you hover the mouse over it.

To view the help files, use the SwiftHelps in the upper right of the home screen.

Running a Basic Weeding Report (this is just an example, this as with any Director's Station report can be run many different ways)

  1. Click the Weeding Report Template on the home screen.
  2. First go to the pool of filters
  3. Make sure the Library filter is set to your library
  4. Change the Home Location filter to the desired location to be weeded (alternatively you can use the Current Location filter if you don't want to see things that could be set to Lost, Missing, Discard, etc...)
  5. Make your date selection with the Date Last Checked Out filter
  6. Include “Never”
  7. Exclude “All”
  8. Click OK

Generating a List and Exporting into Excel

  1. Click and draw a box over the cell or cells you want a list from (it will turn yellow and give you options)
  2. Click List Copies by Total Number of Check Outs
  3. Click the Export Icon and select Export 
  4. Select Open with Microsoft Excel
  5. Click OK
  6. Format in Excel as desired


Can I use a different browser?

Not recommended.  Strangely, newer versions of Firefox won’t allow you to log in. Internet Explorer works with the popup blocker off. Several past issues with IE have been not being allowed to scroll or log in. Internet Explorer is the best option with our current release of Director's Station.

Where is the side menu bar?

If the menu bar doesn’t display (grey bar on the left of the window), refresh the browser. If other parts of the page ever are slow or don’t display, use the refresh icon in Director’s Station not the Browser.

How do I expand and collapse data?

If something becomes underlined when you hover your mouse over it, clicking it will expand or collapse the data. There are also + (expand) and – (collapse) icons available in some lists.

How do I make multiple selections in a filter?

If you can only make one selection at a time, move the filter to the bottom work area. There are some filters that only offer radio buttons when they are in the general filter pool.

How do I move a filter?

Just click and drag. Holding a filter above existing filters in the work area will give you one of five options: Swap, Insert Before, Insert After, Insert Above, and Insert Below. The symbols the program uses to indicate this function are arrows. It takes some playing around to figure them out. When one of these displays, dropping the filter will perform the desired action.

How do I make a template?

When you’ve made a report you will use frequently, click Save As. Saving it to your My Folder will make it available for future use. Click the button shaped like a folder at the bottom left of the screen to manage your folder. You can also select to save it your swiftview to have it on your home screen.

I messed up. How do I start over?

Clicking the button shaped like a house on the upper left will bring you back to the home screen. Reopening the menu, then opening a new report/template will allow you to start over.

Can I mess up the database?

No! The best part of Director’s Station is that it only runs statistics. The data compiles in the morning. In fact, playing around in Director’s Station is the best way to learn how to use it. Since you can’t break anything, don’t be scared to do anything! Don’t be afraid to email with questions. We are here to help!