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COVID-19 Updates:

» IMPORTANT! COVID-19 Updates for SAILS Staff
» Current list of libraries with pickup service / bookdrop checkins
» Notice schedule

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» Order supplies
» Order PCs
» Request a report or Enterprise/BC Mobile update
» Sign-up for a workshop
» SAILS Calendar
» SAILS Helpdesk – have a problem? Open a call online.
» Emails – all library staff
» Job postings

Circulation Activities
» Paying for Lost Books – who to make the checks out to
» Replacing Materials – how libraries would like their items reimbursed
» Delivery Routing Chart – Delivery label codes for SAILS
» Workflows codes
» Titles with most holds

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Policies & Corporate Documents
» Network policies
» Patron Complaint Form
» Corporate documents
» Guaranteed Service Levels

Network Information
» SAILS Network News
» FY20 ARIS stats – Links to ARIS reports for public libraries
» Statistics – These spreadsheets contain tabs for each library. These are updated by the 4th of each month. These are cumulative.
» Calendar Year Stats – These spreadsheets contain tabs for each library.

» 2020 Annual School Stats – These spreadsheets contain tabs for each school.
» Public Library Services Chart – view services offered at SAILS’ member libraries.
» Patron Database Offerings – database subscriptions offered by member libraries