Novel Novelist Ideas

  1. Start on Novelist.
  2. Create a personal Novelist account for you or a generic one for your library.
  3. Search for the titles you want and add them to a list.
pinterest2Create a Pinterest Board & add a widget to your website, linking to Novelist. Yes, this is a bit cumbersome so if someone finds a simpler way, comment below!
  1. Email yourself your Novelist list
  2. Install the pinterest browser button.
  3. Create a board for your topic.
  4. From the email, right click on a book jacket and click on the pinterest icon to save the image to a board.
  5. Say yes when prompted to view PIN
  6. When you view the PIN, you'll see the option to edit it.
  7. Go back to the email, right click on the title and select to copy link address.
  8. Go back to edit the PIN and change the website to the one you just copied from the email.
  9. View your board in pinterest
  10. Click on the ellipsis (...) above the board title and choose to make a widget.
  11. You'll be brought to a page where your widget is available to put on your website.
Create a Booksite ePage to post on your website
  1. Go back to your list in Novelist.
  2. View the source of the web page - right click and select to view source.
  3. Search the page for the term, isbn. This will highlight all the places on the page that have the isbn for the selected titles.
  4. Copy and paste these isbns into a new ePage in booksite and you'll have duplicate lists for people to view the titles first starting in our catalog or starting in Novelist.
  5. Once the page is created, you can go to the ePage settings and generate the code for the "full list content display - (no skin)".
  6. Take the code and copy and paste it into your website. You will need to edit the html. See here for an example of an ePage on this website.
Post list to FaceBook Be sure to include a nice cover jacket to go with your list. Overdrive Add titles to Overdrive curated list and share the list using a direct link:

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