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Assessment Rubrics

<>Rubrics: Criteria by which products and/or performances are judged.

Establishing Rubrics

1. Choose what aspect of learning to evaluate
2. Describe several levels of proficiency for each aspect and rate them.

Example of a rubric for Punctuation

Punctuation Student uses arbitrary punctuation.
(1-2 pts.)
Student uses some meaningful punctuation.
(3-4 pts.)
Student uses meaningful punctuation throughout.
(5-6 pts.)
Student uses punctuation correctly to enhance conveyance of thoughts and images.
(7-8 pts.)

Example of a rubric for Determining Information Need, an aspect of Focusing.
Stated in Student Language (First Person)
Example adapted from Colorado Information Literacy: Rubrics page

Skill Beginning Partially Proficient Proficient Advanced
Determining Information Need I need someone to tell me the topic and what information I need.
(1-2 pts.)
I need someone to define the topic. I can identify, with help, some of the information I need.
(3-4 pts.)
I can determine a topic and identify the information I need.
(5-6 pts.)
I can determine a manageable topic and identify the kinds of information I need to support the topic.
(7-8 pts.)

Internet Resources

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Selected Books

Check the Professional Collection in the Keeley Library for books dealing with rubrics and assessment.

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