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Some Suggestions

Existing Assignment Guides can be modified for inclusion purposes.
The Keeley Library has many High-Interest/Low Vocabulary books, including books for levels 3-4 students such as Greenhaven Press Outstanding Persons and the Greenhaven Press History Collection, which are about 30 pages long and easy to read.

The Accelerated Reader Collection can be used for inclusion. We have tests for more than 900 titles in the library. This large collection includes many fiction titles, but also non-fiction.

The Keeley Library also has the Brittanica Junior Encyclopedia and Compton's Encyclopedia which might be useful for inclusion.

The following series either contain shorter reading selections, are easier to read, or have many more llustrations than those for AP and Honors classes. Check the Library Catalog below to see available titles and corresponding Keeley Library call numbers for each book we own from these series.

Inclusion Aids
The computers in our Computer Typing Area all have Microsoft Word installed. The text can be magnified for students with low vision. Given adequate support staff, we could help students with low vision save files from electronic resources to disk,and open them in Word. Word has a feature which lets you enlarge the size of the text on your screen, thus enabling vision impaired students to work with the information. Videos and audio cassette tapes are also good for inclusion. Complete information for cataloged items is available through the Library Catalog below.

Using the Closed Caption feature on some PBS videos
Use PBS Teachers to locate programs with Closed Captioning, related web sites, and other features.

Using Internet pages offline for instruction
Students who were absent on the day you used the web site can then make up this experience in class, or in the Keeley Library, using a downloaded version of a particular web site.

For computer literacy, problem-solving and public relations
Students who are working on projects can select some of the pictures or parts of the text from the downloaded web page and/or video clips from the accompanying video to add to a PowerPoint Slide Show. It can be shown to the class for presentations.

Library Catalog

To locate items in the library catalog, search in iBistro. You may want to limit your search to search only the Keeley Library, instead of all of the SAILS libraries. The following subjects are just some suggestions for your search:

SAILS Databases

As members of SAILS, Durfee students and teachers can access journal and newspaper articles as well as online reference books, from the library's computers and from home. Simply go to the online catalog page, access the online catalog, and click on Online Resources button.

To locate materials in the Keeley Library, see the section on Finding Your Way Around the Library.

Selected Books

Check the Professional Collection in the Keeley Library for books dealing with inclusion.

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