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goodreads_icon Link to SAILS from GoodReads

When you find books in GoodReads and want to immediately check the SAILS Network to place the title on hold, set yourself up to have a single click search the network by following these steps.

    1. Log into GoodReads.
    2. Go to your profile by clicking on your icon in the upper right of the page.
    3. Click on the "edit profile" link next to your name. You'll be on a page called "Account Settings".
    4. Click on the "book links" tab.
    5. On the right, you'll see a list of popular links. Change the sort to "alphabetical" and go to about page 6. Here you'll find a link to the SAILS Library Network.
    6. Click the "add" link and then you'll see it appear in your "Customize My Links" list on the left of the page.
    7. Here you can move the SAILS link up so it will appear when you're on a title and want to see if it's available at the network.


Library Extension

The #1 Browser Extension that lets you instantly see book and e-book availability from your local library. It's great to be able to have an instant check of the library catalog, from any page that has an isbn.  

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Articles Online

All databases are funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Massachusetts Library System

Massachusetts Library Directory - Search virtual resources
List of databases with full-text magazine, scholarly journals and e-reference books covering all subjects, as well as The New York Times.
Boston Globe - full text

Patron Complaint Policy

SAILS Patron Complaint Policy

Purpose – to provide a method for patrons to submit complaints to the SAILS board about SAILS network policies and procedures.

The board of the SAILS Library Network will respond in writing to your complaint within 45 days of receipt. The board policy will only respond to issues that relate to network policy and not to policies established by individual member libraries.


  1. Each library will have a supply of Patron Complaint Forms.
  2. A patron with a complaint about network policy must complete a written Patron Complaint Form to the library that has issued his/her card.
  3. The library director should review the complaint to make sure that the complaint doesn’t pertain to library policy rather than network policy.
  4. If it is a valid complaint, the written complaint form should be sent to the Executive Director of SAILS.
  5. The Executive Director will send a copy of the complaint to the SAILS Board.
  6. The SAILS board will consider the complaint at its next meeting. A written response will be mailed to the patron.
  7. If the patron is dissatisfied with the response, they may request an opportunity to speak to the board. The board will set aside time for public comment at the beginning of its next meeting. The SAILS business meeting will convene following the public comment period.
  8. The SAILS board will decide how to respond to the patron at its next meeting and will submit its response in writing to the patron. That decision will be final.

Get a Library Card

Online Registration

Don't have a barcode?

Register now for a temporary library card.

  • Online registrations become active immediately.
  • You can place up to 5 holds
  • Get into the online magazines & newspapers
  • Checkout and download Overdrive books & music
  • *You have 3 weeks to come to the library with identification to pick up your card.
  • *If you are under 18, you may need to have a parent or legal guardian co- sign your registration when you pick up your physical card.
  • *If you live outside of MA, you may be assessed a fee for a library card.
Please contact your hometown library for further information on specific registration policies.

Kindle Privacy

Before using your Kindle to download ebooks from the SAILS Digital Download service (powered by OverDrive) please read the following.

Privacy and Kindle ebook downloads

SAILS provides downloadable ebook, audiobook, music and video content to patrons in partnership with OverDrive. With the addition of Kindle ebooks our supplier, OverDrive, uses a third party, Amazon, to fulfill ebook downloads.
Patrons are brought to the Amazon page to retrieve their ebook.

The patron uses either their existing Amazon account, or, if the patron does not already have an Amazon account, s/he establishes an Amazon account with username, password and an associated email address.

The patron may receive an email message from Amazon before the ebook license expires and when the ebook license expires.
The email message may include an invitation to purchase the title from Amazon.
SAILS does not have control over the content of email from Amazon and SAILS does not receive any percentage of cost should the patron decide to purchase a title from Amazon.

SAILS does not have control over patron information that third parties with which OverDrive partners (including Amazon) collects.
Please consider this before you use Kindle ebooks available on the library download site.

Enterprise information

Search the Enterprise e-catalog!

Login Information

  • What are my User ID & PIN?
    • Your UserID is your library card’s barcode.
    • If you are unsure of your PIN#, please contact your library. Often it’s the last 4 digits of your phone number.
    • If you are using a k-12 barcode your pin number should be 9999
    • Please enter your barcode without any spaces or letters (which may be present on your library card).
    • Forgot your PIN? Get it here.
  • Why should I log in with my barcode?
      • If you log in with your barcode, you may:
    • Place items on hold
    • Review your Account
    • Search the Catalog
    • View the Best Seller’s Lists
    • Create permanent book lists
    • View enhanced Novelist Readers’ Advisory content
  • What can I do if don’t log in?
    • Search the Catalog
    • View the Best Seller’s Lists
    • View enhanced Novelist Readers’ Advisory content

Email/Library Notice Issues

    • How come I haven’t received any email notices?
      The problem could be they are seen as SPAM. There are a number of things you can do to prevent this and get your email notices.
      >> Please view the instructions on changing/updating your email settings, based on your email provider.
    • What kind of notices can I receive from the Network?
      • Reminders for items which will soon be due.
      • Notices that holds are ready for pick-up.
      • Emails for items that are overdue.