Changes in Monthly Statistics

A major goal for SAILS this year is to migrate from using Directors Station and Workflows for statistical reports to using Blue Cloud Analytics.  Our public libraries received ARIS stats this year from reports generated using this new portal.  We are now moving our monthly compiled reports from Directors Station to Blue Cloud Analytics (commonly referred to as BCA)
For July statistics, you will receive your normal Workflows reports except for the monthly cataloging reports which will be emailed in Excel format on the 4th of the month. We will not sending out an Excel Workbook with compiled stats but will be delivering those reports using a Google Drive feature called Team Drive.
We will send out an email when the network July reports have been run and we will include instructions on how to access them.  Those reports will be available a few days after the first.  Our testing has shown that these results are as accurate if not more so than reports run in Workflows.
Our hope is that over time we can completely discontinue running monthly reports in Workflows and begin using the freed up computing capability to start running personalized welcome messages to new patrons and card expiration notices to patrons whose borrowing privileges are about to expire as well as other notices for our K-12 and academic members that are appropriate.

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